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Always By Your Side Finale (Winter x ButlerReader)
The end! :) NOW!
I'll move on to a new work!

(y/n) POV

“Cut off all ties from us” the boss smirked at me, fallen on the ground “Quite literal I see…”
“I NEVER for an instant thought I was one of you…” I spat back at him.
“I can feel the gratitude” he turned, looking at Winter at the back. She was being held by the other goons, keeping her from moving. “Well Ms. Schnee? What’d you think of your pet dog here?”
“So what?”
We both looked at her with surprise “Huh?”
“You seriously think I never noticed!?” she screamed, tears in her eyes “I was awake you know? Every time you guarded us from them! It’s easy to piece together… how you could see so well in the dark, how you’re branded by them as a traitor… it doesn’t change the
:iconelementron:elementron 40 30
Daily Painting 1695# Chronicles of Yarnia by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1695# Chronicles of Yarnia :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,372 153 Twitch and Vinegar Trap (Simplified Asset version) by Triangles3
Mature content
Twitch and Vinegar Trap (Simplified Asset version) :icontriangles3:Triangles3 272 17
Mature content
TOTDS (Sith! Male X RWBY) Part 16 :iconazureman136:Azureman136 30 71
Luck Of The Draw Page 2 by RemirTheShadow Luck Of The Draw Page 2 :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 115 3 Luck Of The Draw Page 1 by RemirTheShadow Luck Of The Draw Page 1 :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 63 1 Twitch and Vinegar Trap by Triangles3
Mature content
Twitch and Vinegar Trap :icontriangles3:Triangles3 537 28
Tickle Wrestling - Autumn 1986 (1) by RL1895
Mature content
Tickle Wrestling - Autumn 1986 (1) :iconrl1895:RL1895 148 10
Unchained. Predalien Reader X Winter Schnee
Ruby and Yang are mean in this Fic by the way.
Also you are a Predalien, but you basically look like a predator with the Alien tail and thing inside its mouth as well as the claws so you run extremely fast on all fours. But you can transform into a human form and that’s how you hide and it’s also your semblance. Tai Yang found you abandoned and hurt a year after Raven left and decided to adopt you.
hope you enjoy this new idea i got from reading :iconkr-shadow-knight:KR-Shadow-Knight story "The First King" which i think he discontinued
again hope you enjoy
Ruby’s P.O.V.
I walked down the streets of Vale towards Vale Plaza, Yang had texted me asking me to come and meet her there, something about our… Brother.
Just thinking about him makes me want to throw up. Its not because he’s not a nice person, it’s because he’s a freaking alien monster! Seriously, I’ve seen him transform when he and dad think no ones
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 35 25
Confessing his tickle fantasies. FF/M
Our story begins with Mike and his wife, Mary. Mike was your average 18-year-old boy, short, skinny, and has a cute personality. The one thing he LOVED in his life is tickling and everything related to it, but those fantasies of his were only lived through stories and even pictures he saw online. He also LOVED spending time with his girlfriend, Mary, a 40-year-old woman that he had known all his life and shared a big house with her.
They were really close to each other, so much so that they already married the first time they were close to each other. And so, the story begins with Mike as he sat on his bed, looking frustrated. "Grr....... I....... I really love tickling...... It's so....... devious and so deliciously evil! And yet...... I have NOBODY to tickle me! WHY!?!?" he said. His girlfriend started walking upstairs and then opened the door. She look excited to see him. "Hey, baby! How's my honey bo going?" she said. "Grr..... Please leave me alone honey....... I...... I want to b
:iconshinnjacob:shinnjacob 11 1
Damian Wayne x Genie!Reader As You Wish
"What is it mother?"

Damian was intrigued. Nothing, no object in his mother's possessions, were quite as well protected as a simple looking lamp sitting in the middle of the room. It was odd for his mother to protect such a useless looking item compared to the valuable antique weapons in her collection. Instead of any of those things, cursed swords, or weapons with supernatural abilities... she instead... chooses to order guards to protect a stupid yellow lamp. It was rather old-fashioned too, distasteful, and ugly looking. Whoever had crafted it had not cared too much about the appearance. His mother, apparently, didn't care too much about it's appearance either. If she did she wouldn't have such an ugly thing so highly protected. 
"Your birthright, my adored." She speaks fluent Arabic and a stray hand finds itself on top of Damian's head. She strokes his hair lovingly as they look upon the lamp. Damian, with confusion, while Talia showed admiration. Damian
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 63 12
Cat and Spider by Flick-the-Thief Cat and Spider :iconflick-the-thief:Flick-the-Thief 1,329 28 Attack on Titan by cbmangaka Attack on Titan :iconcbmangaka:cbmangaka 1,850 172
Mature content
The XenoGirl: Chapter 5 :iconthechitinousteen:TheChitinousTeen 14 22
Mature content
The XenoGirl: Chapter 4 (Updated) :iconthechitinousteen:TheChitinousTeen 28 21
Mature content
The XenoGirl: Chapter 3 (Updated) :iconthechitinousteen:TheChitinousTeen 23 11


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There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".


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